DeAnna Chiaranda

My name is DeAnna Chiaranda and I teach 6th grade math.  I am excited about this year and am glad that you are a part of it!  
Remember - no matter what you decide to be when you "grow up" math will always be important.
Class Schedule

Classroom Expectations
Class will begin promptly each day with a warm-up activity that will be part of the notebook grade. Students are expected to be on time and ready to begin class with the necessary materials. All work must be shown and written in pencil unless other instructions are given.

1) Enter classroom quietly and begin bell work promptly.

2) Be prepared each day with the following; sharpened pencils, notebook, & textbook

3) Respect each other and the teachers.

4) Respect all school property.

Mission Statement

At Good Hope Middle School, our mission is to provide a safe, challenging, learning environment for students to become lifelong learners.



· We will prepare students for the transition to high school.

· We will provide students with quality work standards & work ethics.

· We will provide a rigorous curriculum and intervention programs to meet the needs of all students